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Wedding Catering


108B Events Wedding Catering

Wedding Catering at 108B Events is about making your wedding be exactly what you want it to be. The food, the feel, and the fun should be meticulously executed. It requires attention to detail. The wedding is a very special occasion for all concerned. The bride and groom, the parents and guests all have high hopes and expectations. All agree that the food quality and taste provide could influence the ceremony. A lot of time is devoted to planning and preparing the menu. And a lot of time is usually spent selecting a wedding catering service. If you are looking for wedding catering, we invite you to contact one of our coordinators. We are confident you will be impressed with our attention to detail, knowledge of food, and experience. Each member of our wedding catering staff understands this. You will find them to be bright, energetic and organized. They exude enthusiasm about their craft. We raise your expectations way before the actual date. At the tasting, you will be convinced you have made the right choice of a wedding caterer. Collaborating with you in the planning is a joy for us. We help adjust your menu, clarify the choices. We stick with the program. No surprises, no disappointments, no embarrassments. At the food tasting you will become aware of our passion for tasty and well cooked food. We have an instinctive knack for preparing just the right amount, so everyone has more than enough to eat.

Wedding Catering Menu

We also demonstrate flexibility despite our meticulous planning. We give you options. We are sensitive to those with special dietary restrictions. Call and speak with one of our coordinators of our wedding catering team. We will supply you with all of the information you need. Be sure and ask for our wedding menu suggestions. Follow us on Facebook. We are also on Google + and Pinterest